5 thoughts on “How an American learned an age-old Spanish dance

  1. Wonderful read, Emily! You look fabulous and that dress is absolutely stunning! Congrats on your very first feria dance. You are to be commended for having the fortitude to stick with it. I was in Granada last year for the feria de abil and was absolutely captivated by the sevillana dresses… so colorful and beautiful. I’ll have to write a post about the experience. I have just recently started blogging.


    1. Thanks so much, Lane! I have also just started blogging, so it will be fun to keep up with each others’ adventures! It was a truly beautiful experience, and YES, feria is IN-CRED-I-BLE!


  2. Yes, but the difference is you are artistic and creative and I am a basically a geeky data nerd who is convinced there is some creativity down deep in there somewhere… not gonna stop until I find it! 😉 It definitely doesn’t come naturally. Are you in Barcelona? I spent 3 weeks in Spain last year, loved it and am planning to stay much longer next year.


  3. Loved this post!! I also learned sevillanas and know all about those stiff spaghetti moves. When we started doing arm movements I just wanted to die 😂
    After 11 years in Spain I feel like it’s my home and i truly hate it when people believe I am just a tourist, but I believe I have to live with that. Being foreign in your chosen country but also in your home country is a bit part of the story


    1. Thanks for sharing, Alexandra! And yes, I completely agree. Feeling a little displaced no matter where you are is part of the life we’ve chosen 🙂 So many props to you for learning Sevillanas! I am practicing my moves for the Feria de Abril right now and I am verrrrrryyyy rusty. Not sure how many rebujitos it will take to give me a little bit more “arte”! Thanks for reading and following along!


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