Palo Alto market in Barcelona

I still remember my first time at Palo Alto Market. Maybe because it was only two years ago. This market is still just a baby in the history of Barcelona markets, but in a short amount of time it has become a monthly staple in the Barcelona style scene, and independent artists and designers from the area and beyond are scrambling to get their hands on a stand to show off their goods to the sophisticated crowd.

Aethesically it is a hipster’s dream. The market is held within an abandoned factory which has been redesigned into a variety of studios, workshops and creative spaces for different businesses when Palo Alto Market isn’t happening.  You can even visit La Cantina de Palo Alto during the week for lunch. Green vines cover whole sides of buildings and vegetation fills any square inch that isn´t covered it concrete. It is the artistic embodiment of the new slowly taking over the old, with a nod to Poble Nou’s industrial past. Twinkling garden lights are draped between palm trees, and around every corner you are bound to discover another hidden oasis where you can slowly sip your Aperol spritz while listening to a local musician crooning an Amy Winehouse cover.

One can’t describe Palo Alto fully without mentioning the food. As soon as you enter, the air is thick with a mix of chili, cilantro, curry, paprika, and fresh meat on a grill. Food trucks from international restaurants around the city come out and entice you with their vibrant façades and specially selected menu items. From octopus to gluten-free pastries, they have you covered.

I would be doing an injustice to the market entirely if I didn’t mention the designers. Palo Alto is THE ideal place for up and coming artists and designers in Barcelona and surrounding areas. The market prides itself on mainly vintage and handmade goods. You can find a number of unique wares ranging from sunglasses and t-shirts to cactuses and kitchen plates. Most of the prices aren´t cheap, but they are reasonable, and that’s the price you pay for art that isn’t sold in H&M or Zara Home. You can expect some of the same, loyal designers every month like Emian Bohe, La Chula clothesSilbando Bajito ceramics, and Mis Tesoros Vintage, but many are newcomers or out-of towners, only there for the weekend. One thing is clear; there is something for everyone. From the foodies and fashionistas to those who just want to have a caña in a secret garden.  Everyone can always expect something fresh the first weekend of every month. 


4€ in person (3 if you buy them online beforehand)
Carrer dels Pellaires, 30, 08019 Barcelona
Selva de Mar (L4) or Fluviá (Tramvia)

Now, take a stroll with us, won’t you?


Have you ever been to Palo Alto market? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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