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How to Get a Teaching Job in Public, Private, and Semiprivate Schools in Spain

Let’s just say it–living the auxiliar life can be great, but it can also leave you wanting and needing more. The schedule is minimal, the job itself is usually…less than fulfilling, and the pay will likely have you moonlighting at a low paying academy or riding the metro around town for 25 different private classes. Without fail, lots of language assistants will be searching for a way to continue working in education, (and some likely looking for any way NOT to work in education), while still living out their dream life in Spain, with a decent salary. Sounding familiar yet?

Enter, the questions I get asked the most about my experience living in Spain; how have I been here so long as an American and how did I find work in international and semi-private schools in Spain?

In this post I will be very transparent on my experiences–good, bad, and terribly paid, so read on if you want some hard truths as well as possibilities for your future. Continue reading How to Get a Teaching Job in Public, Private, and Semiprivate Schools in Spain

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What is “the milk”?

Milk comes in different forms for different people. For some, it could be landing your first real job with a decent salary. Maybe its putting the down payment on a house, looking your baby in the eyes, or deciding to leave everything behind and move somewhere new. None are better or worse than the other, the only thing that matters is that it keeps nourishing you, and keeps you thriving for more. Continue reading What is “the milk”?